Motion Detector Lights Illuminate Danger, Pests

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Can motion detector lights provide security?

Motion Detector Lights Illuminate Danger, Pests

Motion detector lights can provide low-cost home security and peace of mind.

They come on automatically when you pull in the driveway from work, or when your kids walk into the yard after playing at a neighbor’s house. They will illuminate a raccoon trying to overturn your trash cans.

Motion detector lights are easy to install, especially if you are replacing an existing light fixture. They also are affordable: Two-bulb floodlights are about $25. Front-door lights may run about $60.

The lights will come on late at night if an intruder walks toward your garage, back deck, or front yard. Check out these tips for locating motion detector lights:

  • If you want lights to come on when you get in at night, position sensors to cover paths near doors you use to enter the house.
  • Place the sensors to illuminate areas that need extra safety, such as near pools and stairways.
  • To improve security, locate motion sensor lights around access areas to your house -- entryways, patios and at gates and fences.
  • It's not a bad idea to place them in darker areas around your yard, next to trees and shrubbery. The last thing that an intruder wants is to be seen.



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