Bullet Security Cameras Are Small and Reliable

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What are bullet security cameras?

Bullet Security Cameras Are Small and Reliable

Bullet cameras are the camera of choice for many consumers looking to enhance home security. These video surveillance cameras are durable, and can be installed indoors or outdoors. They are small, so they are unlikely to be noticed. They are sophisticated, too.

Several different manufacturers produce bullet cameras, so shop around for the camera model that suits your security needs. Here are just a few of the uses for bullet cameras:

  1. Bullet cameras often are used as so-called nanny cams for discreetly monitoring babysitters or house cleaners while you are away.
  2. Some models have infrared capabilities, meaning they can "see" people in the dark and transmit the images onto film. These bullet cameras can be paired with home security alarms. They will record an intruder's movements on your property, as your alarm notifies authorities.
  3. Some models of bullet cameras work underwater, making them ideal for monitoring pool safety. These bullet cameras can operate in water as deep as 100 feet.



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