Night Vision Cameras Use Infrared Technology

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How do night vision cameras work?

Night Vision Cameras Use Infrared Technology

Night vision cameras are not the stuff of James Bond flicks. They are widely available and can be part of your home security system.

With the right night-vision equipment, it is possible to see a person standing 200 yards away on a pitch-dark night. If you suspect an intruder is on your property at night, pick up the phone and dial 911.

But if you also want the high-tech excitement of conducting surveillance of your property, buy a night vision camera that uses image-enhancement technology. These high-resolution cameras "see" in the dark by enhancing infrared and visible light.

The cameras are computerized but rugged. They usually come with visors that protect the devices in rain or snow. But expect to pay a hefty price for a quality night vision camera. They can cost $700 or more.



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