Digital Video Recorders Offer Crystal Clear Playbacks

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What is the top choice in video recorders for my security camera?

Digital Video Recorders Offer Crystal Clear Playbacks

You can buy high-resolution security cameras to take the best pictures. But unless your have a quality video recorder, the playback may not look great.

The new generation of digital video recorders may be your best choice. They are superior to analog recorders in several ways.

  • DVRs can handle higher resolution videos than analog recorder can. Pair a DVR with a high resolution security camera, and the result is a sharp image on video.
  • DVRs also offer a high frame rate that easily exceeds analog recorders. The higher rate allows for a smooth playback. It ends annoying time delays and time lapses in your video recordings.
  • With DVRs, the quality of videos does not diminish over time. The video recording can be played back over and over without sacrificing the image quality.



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