Security Companies Provide Burglary and Fire Prevention

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Why do people buy home security systems?

Security Companies Provide Burglary and Fire Prevention

Homeowners turn to security companies when they are concerned for their safety and their family's safety. They want to decrease their risks of burglary and improve their home's protection from fire.

Burglaries are illegal entries of a home or other structure for the sole purpose to commit a felony or theft, according to the FBI. There are three categories of burglary -- forcible entry, unlawful entry where no force is used, and attempted forcible entry.

A survey of the nation's police chiefs showed their support for monitoring and protection offered by home security companies. They reported that homes with alarms deter burglars.

Fire protection also is a primary role for home security companies, which offer such products as monitored smoke alarms.

There were nearly a half-million residential fires in 2004. The vast majority of U.S. fire deaths occur in home fires.

Monitored home security will alert fire officials immediately when it receives an alarm signal.

Among the common causes for house fires is cooking equipment, heating equipment, appliances and smoking material.



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