Future Home Security Focuses on Convenience

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What are future trends in home security?

Future Home Security Focuses on Convenience

It's hard to believe, but we are at the Model T stage in the technology revolution. Early autos led to luxury SUVs of today.

In the technology revolution, computers are transforming our lives at home. Imagine a day in the near future, when home electronics converge into one convenient system. You are in control at your computer screen.

Touch the screen or keypad to choose your favorite movie, arm your home security, turn up the heat, or talk to the delivery person at the door.

Your home's functions may operate through your broadband computer network, and your PC may be central command.

If you're away from home, you may manage your home's functions -- lights, appliances and heating -- from your laptop.

Is someone at your gate or door? Your security system will let you know via voice communication and a surveillance camera that shows images on your PC, or a hybrid of your computer and TV screens.

Is there a new movie you want to watch? Scan the offerings on your PC and set the evening's entertainment.

Did someone leave the back door ajar? You will receive a warning from your security system via your PC.

Is the battery running low on your smoke detector? Your security system will text message you or there will be an alert on your computer's home page.



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