Home Awareness Systems Will Monitor Home Functions

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What are home awareness systems?

Home Awareness Systems Will Monitor Home Functions

Managers at commercial and industrial buildings often oversee functions -- security, lights, heating -- from a central unit.

Now manufacturers are rushing to perfect similar, affordable systems for homes, known as home awareness systems.

They do not converge all your home electronics, such as media and communication. But they let you manage and monitor essential building functions through a network of wireless sensors. The sensors communicate with homeowners through e-mails and text messaging.

Home awareness systems monitor your home's power, security, water and air conditioning. In the area of home security, they bring a new level of sophistication to services. The system will let you know if a door or window is opened anywhere in your house. It reminds you that you left the garage door open.

Early version of this system already are on the market and can be found online. Look for more sophisticated systems with DIY installation to be on the market for $200 or less by 2007. It's too early to predict the effectiveness of these products. Their goal to improve home security and safety is likely to attract the attention of consumers.



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