Security Systems Part of New Home Construction

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Can I find a brand-new home that includes a security system?

Security Systems Part of New Home Construction

Security systems have not been a standard part of new home construction. But that is changing.

Builders are discovering that home security installation is inexpensive and attracts buyers. Along with dishwashers and central air conditioning, home security is a desirable feature in mid-priced homes.

Home security systems have been around for generations, but they were not a routine part of new home construction. Costs were too high for hardwiring systems, which required specialized technicians.

But the new generation of wireless systems are affordable and convenient. Financing plans enable consumers to pay for monthly monitoring of their home security, after they move in. The builder does not have to assume the costs.

Security systems impress new home buyers. They are still unusual enough in new homes, that builders can try promoting the feature as a marketing tool. It makes their homes distinctive.



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