Keep Garage Secure with an Automatic Opener

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How can I keep my garage secure?

Keep Garage Secure with an Automatic Opener

Garages are common targets for thieves. It's easy to see why. They may not be connected to a burglar alarm system, or have any security.

  • Garage doors often are left open. Manual ones are easy to open.
  • They hold a lot of expensive stuff that is portable and easy to carry away, including bicycles and power tools.
  • Garages also are unattended a lot. Most often they are not used at night, except to park a vehicle.
It's vital to secure your garage. You do not want to be surprised by an intruder hiding in your garage. You do not want to give a burglar access to the rest of your house through an attached garage.

You also need to protect the things stored in your garage. Add up the cost of the items inside -- your lawn mower, snow blower, tools, bicycles, sports equipment -- and it easily may top $5,000 or $10,000.

Here are some tips for keeping your garage safe:

  • Use an automatic garage door opener. It's harder for thieves to force open the door.

  • Automatic garage door openers use a touch pad or a handheld button, so make sure you pick a combination that is not simple to figure out.

  • Check the condition of the garage door itself. Look for weak or damaged spots, and loose panels.

  • Don't leave the garage door open. It takes seconds for a thief to pedal off with your bicycle, or grab some tools and run.



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