Monitor Your Home's Temperature and Humidity

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Is there a temperature alarm that also monitors humidity?

Monitor Your Home's Temperature and Humidity

Here's a high-tech gadget for people who need to monitor the temperature, humidity and power in their home or office.

These readings are important to people who store items that can be damaged under adverse temperature conditions. Pharmacists, wine dealers, computer dealers and antique sellers also need to worry about maintaining the right temperature in their businesses.

An ideal system is wireless, and communicates with you wherever your are. It allows you to monitor conditions and get alerts.

Look for a stand-alone device that lets you program in temperature and humidity limits, so the system will know when to contact you. You also want the ability to check on readings yourself at any time, day or night. The system should automatically contact you if the power goes off.

The system itself is simple. Parts include a sensor, power supply, phone cord and dual phone adaptor. Make sure any brand you buy comes with customer support you can access easily.



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