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DIY Home Security Installation Saves Money

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Why should I buy a burglar alarm with DIY installation?

DIY Home Security Installation Saves Money

Affordability is a big attraction for wireless home security systems, especially when you can avoid paying an installer and do it yourself.

Many home security companies today specialize in easy-to-use, portable systems that homeowners and renters can install on their own. Some systems take only minutes to install, and you avoid the labor costs. They offer the same features as professionally installed burglar alarms, only they cost less money.

The wireless systems are battery-operated, and use existing radio wave frequencies to work. Some wireless systems automatically dial several pre-programmed numbers when the alarm is activated.

Look for these wireless components in a new home security system:

  • Control panel: Think of the control panel as the brain of your alarm system.
  • Keypad: Software-driven device that allows you to communicate with the alarm system.
  • Motion detector: Standard component lets you know when an intruder is in the house.
  • Glass break detector: Often used in basements and throughout the first floor of a home.

Other basic features include backup batteries, receivers, transformers and smoke detectors.



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