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Home Security Keypads Put You in Control

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How does the keypad work with my new home security system?

Home Security Keypads Put You in Control

A keypad on your wireless home security system puts you in control. Some are mounted on walls while others are portable.

Keypads enable you to turn the alarm on and off. They also may let you arm different zones in your home, or summon emergency personnel.

Check out are some of the features available, depending on the model and brand you buy:

  • Easy access for arming and disarming motion detectors. Some keypads provide one-touch ability to turn motion sensors on or off. Here's a quick tip: The best time to activate motion sensors are when you are not home, or at night downstairs when everyone in the house is upstairs sleeping.
  • Activate the alarm with the touch of a button. This feature enables you to trigger the burglar alarm or siren while at home, if an intruder tries to enter the house.
  • Use the keypad to test whether your system is working, program new functions, or check the status of your alarm system.
  • Some systems offer easy-to-read, one-touch keypads for summoning local police, firefighters or EMTs.
  • Some keypads let you add other users on your home security system, such as the babysitter or housekeeper. But you give them access, and can change or delete their security codes as needed.
  • Some keypads feature voice response to let you know how your system is functioning.



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