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Wired or Wireless? You Choose

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Which is better: wired or wireless?

Wired or Wireless? You Choose

Is it better to buy a wired or wireless security system?

The answer: It depends.

Wireless – for its convenience and affordability – is definitely the trend. But if you already have a hardwired system, it may be best to have a combination of both – a hardwired panel with a wireless receiver. The wireless receiver allows you to accessorize your system with the latest wireless security products.

If you are installing a system for the first time, you can save money and time with a wireless system, which has little or no installation costs. If you can install your own home smoke detector, you can install a home security system.

Wireless systems can be more vulnerable to attack by intruders, since they are so easy to operate. You may want to put the control panel in an area of your house where it is not highly visible or accessible .



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