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Security Systems Do Not Automatically Call 911

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Does a home security system link with 911 dispatchers?

Security Systems Do Not Automatically Call 911

Whether you buy a wireless or hardwired home security system, you need to understand that neither system calls 911 direct. A simple burglar alarm will sound a noise loud enough for occupants and neighbors to hear. Monitored systems send a signal to a 24-hour service that typically will first try to verify an alarm, then call local authorities if necessary. In cases where the monitoring service gets a signal of a home fire, it will immediately contact your local fire department without trying to contact you or anyone else on your emergency contact list. Some systems also come with panic buttons that occupants can use in their home, in an emergency. When they push the button, professional responders at the monitoring service will immediately contact local authorities without trying to contact you first. But there is no direct link between your home security system and 911.



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