The Sign Says: Neighborhood Watch!

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Are there signs in your neighborhood letting people know there is a watch group?

The Sign Says: Neighborhood Watch!

As new people move into your area it is important to let them know there is a neighborhood crime watch. It is important to make this fact known to criminals as well.

By posting signs and fliers throughout the community you can attract new people to join the group and increase visibility. Burglars passing through often keep on moving when they see that such a group exists.

Post these neighborhood watch signs and fliers in highly visible areas where both residents and burglars alike can see them. Here are some key places to post them.

  • Church and recreation center bulletin boards
  • Local grocery stores
  • Outside local schools and daycare centers
  • On telephone poles in major town intersections
  • Outside the local Post Office
  • In community shopping centers and restaurants
  • At the local police station
Make sure to include helpful information on these signs like emergency phone numbers and contact information. If your watch group has a Web site include the address. Also include upcoming meetings along with time and location so interested parties can attend and get more information.



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