Home Security Assessments

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Have you asked police officers for recommendations?

Home Security Assessments

Neighborhood watch programs should coordinate with local law enforcement to help with home security inspections in the community. A police officer can come to the homes of your members to make sure they are taking the proper security precautions in their houses.

A police officer will be the first one to tell you how important it is to have a home security system installed. They can also look for any areas where your security might be lacking and recommend equipment that you can add to compliment your burglar alarms.

Protect America is one of the leading alarm companies and provides additional equipment that can be added to any package, such as motion detectors, flood detectors, extra door/window sensors and emergency panic buttons.

By having your neighborhood crime watch maintain a good relationship and communicate with the police you can benefit from their expertise. They know the type of crime in your area and how to combat it. Then relay their advice to one of Protect America's security experts and they can set you up with the right package for your home.



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