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Yard Security Signs

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Do you have a yard security sign?

Yard Security Signs

The best way to make burglars think twice before trying to break into your home is to install an alarm system. Once the wireless security is installed, let them know you mean business.

Most packages include yard security signs that clearly tell passersby your home is protected and monitored. Place the sign in a prominent area where it is easily noticeable. Out of sight is out of mind and you want burglars to see the signs and know they should move on.

Protect America now offers a great add-on that increases visibility and security at night. The Solar Yard Sign Light attaches very easily to your sign. This weatherproof device turns on at night using solar powered, rechargeable batteries. The LED illuminates your yard security sign for up to eight hours, making the sign visible to intruders day and night. This is especially helpful if you do not have outdoor security lights or the lighting you do have casts a shadow on the sign.

The batteries recharge using solar power during the day, getting ready for nighttime on their own. No hassle and a lot of help. Now a burglar can see that you have a Protect America wireless security system as clear as day … at night.



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