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Keeping Tools/Ladders Away From Burglars

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Do you leave ladders/tools out in your yard?

Keeping Tools/Ladders Away From Burglars

If you have a garage or work shed keep it locked and secure. The last thing you want to do is help a burglar break into your house. Leaving ladders and tools lying around and accessible in your yard or on your porch does just that. Yard maintenance is cosmetic, but it is also meant to assist your alarm system.

Ladders can be used to climb up to windows above the ground floor. A burglar on a ladder could be mistaken by neighbors as someone doing maintenance or landscape work. If they have to climb a tree it becomes a little more suspicious.

Tools like wrenches, crowbars, screwdrivers and more can be used by criminals to enter your home. Keep these items stored safely in your garage or work area where they are only accessible to yourself. Otherwise they can be used to pry open doors or windows, break glass or locks, or even as weapons.

Your tools and ladders should be locked up and out of sight. Ask your neighbors to do the same if you notice things lying around on their property. A burglar can just as easily swipe a wrench from your neighbor's yard and use it to break your window.



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