Lights! Camera! Non-Action?!

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Are all your house entrances clearly lit and cameras working properly?

Lights! Camera! Non-Action?!

Lights! Camera! Action! It works in Hollywood and it can work in your front yard. First come the lights. Outdoor security lights eliminate the ability of burglars to creep up to your doors and windows. They are uncomfortable with being so visible and the lights make them stand out like a sore thumb.

Set up your lights, whether they are motion-sensitive or not, so that there are no shadows or dark places for someone to hide in as they approach the house. Make sure to place lights above all doorways into the house and on any porches. You want clearly lit and safe doorways leading in and out of your home.

Next comes the cameras. If you choose to have outdoor security cameras on your porch covering your yard, make sure they are not impeded by exterior lights. You do not want glare from another source affecting the video, but you do want to illuminate darker areas so the camera can get a clear view.

The action part should be called non-action truthfully, because if you follow the above steps along with a good burglar alarm there should be no action. Burglars should simply move on and leave your home alone. No one about to break the law wants be in the spotlight with a home security camera trained on them. A burglar is never ready for his or her close-up.



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