Don't Get Left Out In The Dark!

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Have you checked the bulbs in your security lights recently?

Don't Get Left Out In The Dark!

Outdoor security lighting can only help you if it is working properly. Make sure to check the bulbs and keep up with maintenance regularly. If you notice they are starting to dim, flicker, or give any other indication the bulb is reaching the end of its lifespan, replace it with a new one. It is better to replace the bulb early than to wait until it burns out while you are walking through your yard, leaving you standing in the dark.

Keep extra bulbs around the house so you never have to go without outdoor security lights. If after changing the bulb you find that a problem persists, it could be a wiring or hardware problem. Contact the home security company you purchased it from and ask them for assistance.

Do not wait to take care of issues like these. The longer you take to get on top of it the longer you go without that part of your alarm system working at full capacity.

Extended warranties are very helpful in maintaining security equipment outdoors that is exposed to extreme weather conditions. Check to see what the warranty covers so you know how to take care of any problem right away.



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