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Get A House-Sitter

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Do you know someone that can house-sit for you?

Get A House-Sitter

Having a friend or relative spend a few days at your house while you are away is a great way of helping to avoid being burglarized. They especially come in handy if you have pets that need to be taken care of or plants that need to be watered.

If you choose to have someone stay in your house there are a few things to do before you leave. Make sure that your neighbors and neighborhood watch know that someone else will be staying there. No one wants a trip to be interrupted by a phone call from home because their brother was mistakenly arrested for attempted burglary.

Also, take the time to make sure that your house-sitter is familiar with your home security alarm. They should be able to arm and disarm the system and know the password in case the monitoring company has to call. Remind them to arm the security alarm system whenever they leave the house.

The last thing is to leave contact numbers where you can be reached. If anything does happen while you are gone your house-sitter should be able to reach you in case of emergency. Make sure to leave as many numbers as possible, including cellular and hotel phones.



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