Guards Are Not Enough

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Does your building have security guards?

Guards Are Not Enough

Living in an apartment building that has security guards can often lull people into thinking they do not need a home security system. If ever there was a time the old adage about not putting all your eggs in one basket applied, this is it.

Even the most competent of security guards is still just human. If a burglar manages to get by a guard you are left completely vulnerable without an alarm. While we all want to live in a world where you do not have to lock your doors at night, sometimes your neighbor across the hall is a question mark. Another tenant would not be scrutinized by security guards and it is difficult to get to know and trust every neighbor in the building.

Apartment buildings often have several entrances, while individual apartments have far fewer. So even if it is easy to gain access to the building itself, it is also easy to secure your apartment. Home security alarms work just as well in an apartment as they do in houses, and your belongings are just as important. No one ever said their property was expendable because they don't live in a house. Apartment security is just as important.

Security guards are like a yard sign. They are there for visibility. But a sign does you no good if there is nothing to back it up, and the same applies for security guards.



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