Window/Door Security Stickers For Apartments

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Do you have security stickers on your doors and windows?

Window/Door Security Stickers For Apartments

Security system window stickers are thought to be just for houses, but they can work well for your apartment, too. Since you do not have a lawn to place yard signs in, do the next best thing.

Take those window stickers and place one right on your apartment door. Let everyone who walks by your door know that you are protected by a home security alarm. This is just as effective as a lawn sign for a house. Visual deterrents can work in any setting.

The rest of those stickers can be placed on the windows in your apartment facing outward. They are especially important if you are on the ground floor or your windows can be accessed by a fire escape or other means.

When a burglar sees that sticker saying your apartment is protected by a GE security system from Protect America, they know the risk is too high. Request as many stickers as you need for all your doors and windows so that there is a warning to intruders at every access point to your home.



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