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Voice Warning Systems Alert Households to Fire

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What is a vocal smoke alarm?

Voice Warning Systems Alert Households to Fire

The most vulnerable members of your family may be the least likely to get out of the house when there is fire. Recent studies show that smoke alarms may fail to awaken children, whose sleeping patterns are deeper than those of adults.

But don't conclude that smoke alarms are unnecessary. They are your first warning to fire or smoke danger in the home. Consider instead a vocal recording that is part of your smoke detector system. The vocal warning sounds along with the beeping noise of the smoke alarm. It can be the recorded voice of a parent telling everyone to leave the house immediately because of fire. Initial studies show that sleeping children are more likely to rouse and respond to the familiar sound of a mother or father's voice.

The automated warning systems should be part of an overall fire escape plan for your family. If you have not done so already, develop a plan and conduct drills, just like schools and workplaces do. The drills should teach every family member how to respond in a fire emergency and show the best evacuation routes.



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