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Monitored Carbon Monoxide Detectors Offer Added Safety

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Are there home security services for detecting carbon monoxide?

Monitored Carbon Monoxide Detectors Offer Added Safety

Home security means so much more than locking your doors and turning on the burglar alarm. Home security means having a safe, protected and healthy environment for your family.

With the busy lives of American families, home security companies recognize the need to have a complete package of equipment for monitoring safety and welfare at home.

In addition to monitoring anti-burglary systems, more security companies are offering monthly services to monitor environmental dangers, such as high carbon monoxide levels. When the carbon monoxide detector goes off, it not only alerts people at home but also a monitoring service.

You can be sound asleep at night or away on vacation when the siren sounds. Your monitoring service will take immediate action to ensure the safety of you and your family, and to contact local authorities, if necessary.



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