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Detect Water Flooding Before Damage Occurs

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Are there wireless sensors for detecting basement flooding?

Detect Water Flooding Before Damage Occurs

If you are installing a new home security system or upgrading an older one, consider adding a sensor that provides early alert to basement flooding.

By now, most Americans have read news accounts of Hurricane Katrina victims who did not realize that their standard homeowner's insurance did not cover floods. These folks likely are out of luck to get coverage for water damage from flooding in their homes.

Most of us will never know the terror of a catastrophic hurricane. But it is not unusual for homeowners in certain parts of the country to worry about basement flooding after heavy rains or a spring snow-melt.

Flood sensors can signal basement flooding at the earliest sign of problems. Flood sensors are wireless devices that are simple to install. They are placed in home basements and detect flooding as it starts.

Homeowners can avoid problems by pumping out basements, vacuuming the water, contacting a plumber, or even sandbagging the walls of their house.



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