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Micro-Sensors Are Less Visible in Doorways and Windows

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What is a micro sensor?

Micro-Sensors Are Less Visible in Doorways and Windows

Door and window sensors that come with your new security system are likely to standard-sized. They work well detecting when doors or windows are opened in restricted areas.

But some people prefer smaller sensors, known as micro sensors, that are less obtrusive but can cost more to buy or replace.

There are advantages to micro-sensors:

  • They are not as visible when placed in doorways and windows. Micro-sensors are only about an inch long, while standard sensors are three inches long.
  • Micro-sensors takes a small battery similar to a watch battery, which only needs to be replaced every three to five years. With a standard-size sensor, the AAA battery needs to be replaced annually. Your security system should alert you when the battery power is running low.



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