Perimeter Alarms Work Better for Homes With Pets

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Won't my pet's movements trigger the burglar alarm?

Perimeter Alarms Work Better for Homes With Pets

Most people have pets for pleasure, not security. But adding a burglar alarm for protection can be vexing, because Fido or Garfield may trigger the motion detectors. Your alarm will activate as if there is a burglar, when actually your pet just walked across the room.

Consider a home security system that protects the perimeter of your home. A perimeter alarm system protects the most vulnerable area of your home: the ground floor. With a perimeter alarm, you place sensors at all doors and windows that can be accessed from outside. But you do not use motion detectors inside the home. Perimeter alarms will sound a siren the moment burglars try to enter your home.

Your other choice is to set your home's motion detectors to ignore objects that are the size and weight of your pet. No matter whether you own a shiatsu or sheepdog, you can program your motion detectors to recognize your pet and not sound an alarm. Some detectors come with a pet immunity system that is automatically programmed to ignore small and medium-sized pets.



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