Try Burglar-Proof Glass to Secure Windows

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How can I secure windows from break-ins?

Try Burglar-Proof Glass to Secure Windows

First-floor windows can be vulnerable to break-in. It takes only a few seconds for a burglar to slit a screen and crawl through a window, or break the glass to get in. There are ways to secure windows and keep intruders out:

  • Add an alarm system that has sensors you can place on windows. If a ground floor window is opened, a siren will go off.
  • Replace glass panes with burglar-proof glass that cannot be broken easily.
  • Install a window with many small panes instead of a single large one that could allow a person to enter if pried open or broken.
  • Drip solder on the screws of window locks, which will prevent a burglar from removing them.



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