Make Valuables Easy to Identify in Case of Theft

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How can I help police find and identify my stolen valuables?

Make Valuables Easy to Identify in Case of Theft

Summers are usually the hottest time for home burglaries. People use screen doors instead of solid wood or metal doors. Homeowners leave windows open and bikes are left in driveways.

Burglars tend to steal items they can quickly grab and carry, such as electronics, laptops, CDs, DVDs, jewelry, cash, credit cards and checkbooks. Some will ride off on your bicycle. Here are some tips to protecting your valuables:

  • Make your valuables easy to identify in case of theft, so that you can verify ownership with authorities.
  • Mark your initials on CDs and DVDs. Engrave your driver's license number on other valuables.
  • Inventory the valuables in your home. Take photos of them. Make two copies of your list and duplicate photos. Keep one set at home, and the other at your office or in a safe depost box.
  • Consider installing a monitored home security system that will provide immediate response if someone enters your house through a door or window.
  • Get renter's insurance to cover your valuables, if you live in an apartment. Homeowners need to make sure they have ample coverage for their valuables.
  • Keep tools, bicycles, lawn mowers, even grills inside a locked garage or shed.



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