Do Not Try to Protect Valuables if You Encounter a Burglar

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What should I do if there is a break-in while I'm home?

Do Not Try to Protect Valuables if You Encounter a Burglar

You need a home security plan to stop burglaries. You also need to know how to respond if someone breaks into your home while you're there, or if you encounter a burglar in your house. Here are some tips from the Burglary Prevention Council in the event you are near a burglary when it happens:

  • Do not to enter your home if you think an intruder is inside. Run to a neighbor's house and call police for help. If an intruder enters when you are home, try to get out.
  • If you cannot leave your home, do not try to challenge the intruder or protect your valuables. Do not try to be a hero or chase an intruder who has fled your home.
  • If you have a home security system, press the panic button. The panic button is for emergency situations like this. The authorities will be contacted immediately.
  • Don't try to put your house back in order after the intruder leaves. Call the police if they have not been summoned. Police will interview you and collect evidence. Provide for them a written inventory of your valuables. Try to identify items that were stolen.



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