Don't Make it Obvious That Your House is Unoccupied

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What are steps I can take to deter burglaries?

Don't Make it Obvious That Your House is Unoccupied

The note you leave at your front door for a delivery person or housekeeper is a sure sign that no one is home. Watch your own behavior to make sure you do not "advertise" that your house is unoccupied, or that you live alone.

Check out this quick burglary prevention list for staying safe:

  • Don't leave repairmen and contractors alone in your house. They easily could pilfer items and you might not discover the theft until months later.
  • Don't let casual acquaintances know when you will be away on vacation. This may be a landscaper or delivery person you see every month, but know little about.
  • Be suspicious of people going door to door. They may be trying to get a quick look inside your home.
  • Don't volunteer information about yourself to people you barely know. If a service technician or delivery person asks about your schedule, don't feel compelled to provide it.
  • Elderly people and single women may be perceived as vulnerable by burglars. Don't make it known to strangers that you live alone.
  • Discuss home security with children. Don't try to scare them, but explain the need to keep doors locked and not to let strangers inside the home, even if they seem friendly or ask for help.



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