Basement Flood Sensors Protect Stored Valuables

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Why should I install a flood sensors in my basement?

Basement Flood Sensors Protect Stored Valuables

There are as many reasons for installing a flood sensor in your basement, including:

  • Perhaps a damp basement is a yearly ritual but you have it under control with the Wet Vac. You just worry someday that you won't catch the rising waters before your things get damaged.
  • You read about other communities caught off guard by flooding, and wonder if your basement needs some protection from heavy rains or the spring snow-melt.
  • You store valuables in your basement -- antique furniture you inherited, documents and papers, or clothing and camping gear. They would be ruined if they got wet.
Flood sensors are practical, because they alert you immediately to water in your basement. You then can act quickly to fix the problem.



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