Flood Sensor, Sump Pump Alarm Alerts You to Rising Water

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What kind of product choices do I have with water sensors?

Flood Sensor, Sump Pump Alarm Alerts You to Rising Water

There are a variety of water sensors available to meet the needs of your household. These products are readily available at many home stores, online or through your home security dealer.

  • Connect a flood sensor to an existing home alarm system. Place it in areas where you are concerned about water overflow, such as next to a washing machine.
  • A wireless sump-pump alarm and flood alert will let you know if your sump pump is failing. This combo comes with a six-foot long sensor and a water-sensing probe you place in the sump crock. The battery-powered alarm stays dry with a wall-mount anchor.
  • A wireless flood-freeze warning flasher has a portable receiver that can be placed anywhere, or given to a neighbor to monitor when you are away. The signal range can be up to 120 feet. Remote sensors have dual functions. They detect flooding in your home, as well as indoor temperatures falling below 45 degrees.



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