Upgrade Home Security with Flood and Temperature Alerts

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How can I upgrade my burglar alarm system?

Upgrade Home Security with Flood and Temperature Alerts

When you buy home security, consider a national company that offers brand-name products and warranties. Expect to have your system for years. You want to choose a company that will provide the service and upgrades you need.

National companies also are likely to offer the latest innovations and accessories in home security. Services by home security companies have broadened significantly. Protection is no longer just about hooking up to a burglary alarm.

Look for these other product innovations:

  • Flood sensors that use wireless technology to detect leaks and flooding in your home before it becomes a crisis.
  • Medical panic pendants that can be worn around the neck and summon help with a single push of the button.
  • Low-temperature sensors that alert a monitoring facility when your home drops to chilly levels that can burst pipes.
  • Monitored carbon monoxide detectors that notify 24-hour responders when levels are dangerous.



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