Demand Grows for Affordable Home Security

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Is a monitored security system affordable on a middle-income budget?

Demand Grows for Affordable Home Security

Advances in technology and greater awareness of crime are increasing the demand by Americans for affordable home security. Check out the reasons why home security is a growing option for the middle class and working families:

  1. Easy installation and portability. New wireless systems are so easy to put up and take down that many consumers do the job themselves.
  2. Low-cost connection to the Internet. With a broadband Internet connection, families can afford monthly monitoring services of their home security, which used to be a luxury only the rich could afford.
  3. Customized security packages. National retailers that you can find on the Internet offer customized brand-name packages that are effective and affordable. Some retailers allow you to build your home security system, piece by piece.
  4. Lower prices. Retailers are working hard to bring in a new generation of customers who want home security but thought they could not afford it. Creative pricing by some companies allows customers to pay only for the monthly monitoring services without purchasing equipment.
  5. More products. Home security companies offer an array of products and monitoring services that range from security cameras and wireless motion detectors to assistance when your basement floods or you have a medical emergency.



9/8/2007 5:58:01 AM
Carol F said:

A tip for protect america customers. Make sure that you give them 60 days written notice (certified preferably) to cancel service. They renew automatically and rip people off. Check BBB & customer reviews before you sign up with them.


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