Expect Immediate Response With the Panic Button

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What is the panic button on my home security system?

Expect Immediate Response With the Panic Button

Most burglar alarm systems come with a panic button on the keypad. The panic button is there for summoning immediate help.

When you press the panic button, the monitoring service dispatches authorities without first trying to identify the problem at your home. Expect to hear sirens of local police after you push the panic button for help.

This response differs from the checklist a home security monitoring service follows when the burglar alarm is triggered. Typically, the monitoring service will first try to contact you at home to determine whether there is an emergency or false alarm. If no one can be reached, the service summons local authorities.

Customers of monitored home security systems often are required to provide an emergency contact list of friends and associates. These must be names and phone numbers of trusted people who will take a call from the monitoring service when there is a possible emergency. Most monitoring services will not accept pager numbers for contacts.



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