Glass Break Detectors Enhance Home Security

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How does a glass break detector work?

Glass Break Detectors Enhance Home Security

Window sensors are a basic component of home security packages. They activate an alarm when someone opens a window and tries to enter your house.

But they don't offer complete protection. For that, you also need a glass break detector. An acoustic glass break detector triggers an alarm when the window breaks. It "hears" the frequency sounds of glass breaking.

An alternative is a shock glass break detector that is mounted on the window and "feels" the shock of breaking glass. There also is a new kind of detector that uses dual technology, or a combination of both.

There are advantages of adding a glass break detector to your home security package, no matter which technology you choose. It activates an alarm as soon as someone outside breaks the glass, even though the intruder has yet to enter your home.

The sound of the burglar alarm may be enough to send the burglar away. If you have a monitored alarm system, your monitoring service will be notified and summon help.



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