Glass Break Detectors, Window Sensors Protect Businesses

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How can I protect a small business from break-in?

Glass Break Detectors, Window Sensors Protect Businesses

With the costs and headaches of running a small business, burglary and vandalism are are the last problems an owner needs. It is costly, and the sight of a smashed-in plate window can keep customers away.

Glass break detectors, combined with window and door sensors, are quick and easy to install. They also make affordable security systems. They also are so small that your customers will not notice the extra security measures.

The devices activate alarms when security is breached. If you worry that no one will hear the alarm after hours, add 24-hour monitoring to your system. You and local authorities will be notified whenever there is a problem.

Small businesses also may want to consider an audible delay for their security system. The alarm is silent for a short period, so the authorities can be dispatched to surprise the intruders.

This kind of system not only helps police catch burglars who break into your shop, but it sometimes snags disgruntled employees as well. They may sneak in after hours to sabotage your computer, or steal cash and items from your shop.



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