Glass Break Detector Can Secure Several Windows at Once

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What is the best method for securing a room with a lot of windows?

Glass Break Detector Can Secure Several Windows at Once

Customize home security packages with glass break detectors, which are highly affordable when placed in strategic positions around your house.

A glass break detector typically mounts on a wall or ceiling in a room where you want protection. The detector can "hear" glass breaking from 15 to 35 feet away, depending on the device.

But the detector may not "hear" through walls, doors or around corners. Heavy curtains and blinds may also hinder its effectiveness.

Remember, the more windows you have in a room that need protection, the better value you get from the product.

Here are some examples of where you can place your glass-break detector:

  • Open-area rooms, such as great rooms or kitchen/dining areas, that often have several windows that can be secured with one device.
  • Adjoining rooms, such as the living and dining areas, may be covered with one device if there is open space between them.
  • Unfinished basements, which can be prime entry targets for intruders, may take just one glass break detector. They often have wide-open areas with several windows that need protection.



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