Use Glass Break Detectors for Additional Security

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Are glass break detectors part of standard security packages?

Use Glass Break Detectors for Additional Security

Don't expect to find glass break detectors included in many standard home security packages. Window and door sensors tend to be the basic components of most home security packages. The sensors activate an alarm when a door or window is opened. Systems also may include a central control panel, or command station, siren, motion detector, and keypad.

Glass break detectors typically are extra features that you can add to your security package for a low price, ranging from about $15 to $50, depending on the model. The detectors generally are for added security. Because the alarm sounds when glass is broken, the noise may scare an intruder away before he has a chance to enter your home.

If you already own a home security package, contact your dealer, who should have glass break detectors that are compatible with your system.



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