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Equipment Compatibility: Know What You're Buying

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Does all my equipment have to be from the same company?

Equipment Compatibility: Know What You're Buying

Before you know what you should buy you need to know why you are buying it and how it will be used. Outdoor motion detectors have specific ranges that they can cover. A yard that is 800 square feet will need more sensors, or at least a much stronger one, than a 200 square-ft. yard.

Take some measurements and figure out how large the area is you want to cover. Then shop around for sensor that will get the job done. It is better to go with a well-known manufacturer when buying items like this. They are usually more reliable and come with better guarantees.

The other major issue is compatibility. Make sure that the equipment you purchase is capable of working well with your home alarm system. The first place you should look into for additional equipment is the company you bought the alarm from in the first place.

Even if you spend a few dollars more, having components made by the same manufacturer can help avoid many problems. Remember that not all equipment is made equal and while price may be a factor, performance has to come first with home security equipment.



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