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Wireless Alarms Cut Back On The Clutter

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Do alarm systems have to clutter my house?

Wireless Alarms Cut Back On The Clutter

A home alarm system does not have to detract from the look of your house. Whether you call it the Wireless Age or the Digital Age, today's manufacturers are cutting back on the clutter and throttling forward on the performance.

Just look at the options available today for home security. Motion detectors? Glass break detectors? Flood sensors? What's the common theme here? They are all wireless.

Your entire alarm system can be based on a series of wireless sensors and transmitters that are small and easy on the eyes. Home security cameras get smaller and smaller every year. They don't have to cramp your decorative style, and there is no need to have cables running across the floor or up the walls in every room of the house.

The range of these transmitters has dramatically improved over the years, allowing a glass break detector from upstairs at the opposite end of the house alert your command station to a breach.

Security companies are making it possible for you to protect your home from burglars, fire, water and the whole nine yards without making it look like you live in Circuit City.



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