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Animals & Motion Detectors

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Will my dog set off the motion detectors in my house?

Animals & Motion Detectors

Are you worried about your pets or maybe a roaming neighborhood dog setting off your wireless motion detectors all the time? Well here are a few ways around the problem.

  • Use outdoor motion detector lights in your yard, rather than outdoor alarms. This can scare away animals—not to mention potential burglars—without having to call in the entire police squad.
  • Place animal gates inside the house, limiting pets to areas where they cannot set off motion detectors.
  • Adjust the sensitivity of your sensors in the house so they will allow for the normal indoor travels of cat or dog.
Ask the manufacturer about the wireless motion detectors' sensitivity and how it can be adjusted. Some models use infrared or microwave pulses to detect motion disturbances of certain sizes, so know what you are buying, and make sure that it will work in your home before making the purchase.



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