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Flood Sensors & Your Home Security System

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Can flood sensors work with my home alarm system?

Flood Sensors & Your Home Security System

Flooding can happen before you know it and cause serious damage to your home. If your house or the area you live in is prone to flooding there is an easy way to stay on top of it.

Flood sensors can work directly with your home alarm system to notify you of early signs of flooding. This allows you to start taking steps to prevent water damage before it happens.

If you are not home the alarm will notify your monitoring service and they can contact and inform you of the potential flood. This gives you the opportunity to get home and stop the problem before it gets out of control.

Place the sensors in areas where flooding might occur, like the floor of your basement or near a hot water heater. They can also be placed in the kitchen or bathroom to detect leaks and early signs of water damage to floors and ceilings.

This is an issue that most people do not realize their home security equipment can help them with. Many homeowner insurance policies do not automatically include coverage for flood damage. Flooding can cause you just as much in losses as a burglar can, so use a sensor compatible with your alarm system and protect yourself from both.



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