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Avoiding False Alarm/Monthly Fee Increases

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Are there monthly fee increases or charges for false alarms?

Avoiding False Alarm/Monthly Fee Increases

Billing “surprises” are usually ones you can do without, like a spur of the moment visit from the in-laws. When you get an alarm system you want to know it is going to be the same price every month. No hidden fees or unexpected bumps in the road.

Before you purchase a home security monitoring package, ask if the monthly rates can change. You best bet is to choose a company that guarantees your monthly monitoring rate will not increase as long as you remain a customer.

Also watch out for home security companies that charge fees for false alarms. This is generally not done anymore, though some companies still charge if you exceed a reasonable number of false alarms.

Check with you local police and fire departments as well. They may charge a fee for dispatching help to your home during a false alarm. Instances like these are somewhat easy to avoid, since you have the opportunity to enter your 4-digit password into the command station or provide it over the phone to the monitoring company before help is sent.

Once you know that your bill will be the same every month you can factor that into your normal budget without any unexpected changes wreaking havoc on your wallet.



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