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Standard Security Monitoring Service

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What is a basic monitoring service?

Standard Security Monitoring Service

The Standard Monitoring Service offered by Protect America uses your house's landline telephone connection to communicate with a monitoring facility. When any portion of your wireless security system is breached, a signal is sent to your talking command station.

The command station then relays that signal to the monitoring facility via your telephone connection. A representative from the home security company will call your home to verify that there is an emergency.

If the representative is not told the correct password over the phone for any reason (including if no one answers the phone) local authorities are contacted and sent to your home.

With this home security monitoring option, your talking command station must be plugged into a phone jack in order to communicate with the alarm facility.

The command station also regularly receives signals from the various sensors and security modules in your alarm system. If it detects a problem with any of your security system's components a status light will flash, indicating that there is a problem requiring your attention.

The status light will also notify you if there was a breach/failure while you were away or if a battery needs to be replaced.



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