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Internet Connections Used To Monitor Home Security

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Do you have to have a landline to have a monitored security system?

Internet Connections Used To Monitor Home Security

If security systems are monitored through landline telephone connections, what happens if you don't have one? No problem. For an extra $5 per month GE home security systems from Protect America offer HomePulse Broadband Monitoring.

With this service, your security monitoring is handled through an Internet connection. All you have to do is plug the talking command station into your modem or wireless router. From there it works just like a standard monitoring service, transmitting a signal to the home security company in the event your burglar alarm is triggered. They will then contact you to check the status of the emergency in your home.

The major difference is that the signal sent from your command station makes its way to the facility at least four times faster than it would through a landline connection. This makes it a viable alternative for people without landlines or people who want the signal sent to the security company as fast as possible.

The HomePulse Broadband Monitoring service requires an upgrade from the standard talking command station, so make sure to let the company know which options you are considering.



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