Use Key Chain Remotes With Your Alarm System

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Is a key chain remote useful to have?

Use Key Chain Remotes With Your Alarm System

A key chain remote control for your security system can be useful in several settings. Being able to arm and disarm the system remotely with a single push of a button allows for flexibility otherwise not found in traditional systems.

You can disarm your security alarm when walking to the door or pulling into your driveway/garage and reactivate it once you are inside. The best feature of this device, however, is the personal panic button.

Panic buttons are not just for medical emergencies, though they are important in these situations as well. Let's say as you're pulling into your driveway a carjacker tries to assault you and steal your car; the wireless panic button is at your fingertips even before you are inside the house.

If a burglar approaches you at the door before you have time to shut it, you do not need to run to the command station. You already have a remote in your hands. Hit the panic button and trigger your alarm system to scare the burglar off.

As we touched on before, medical emergencies are the most common reasons for the panic button to be used on remotes. If you experience a medical emergency before you reach the door and cannot get to a phone, the panic button could save your life. Key chain remotes satisfy both convenience and safety.



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