Hidden Touchpad

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What is the Hidden Touchpad from Protect America?

Hidden Touchpad

Protect America's Hidden Touchpad offers the convenience of one-touch arming, along with a security panic button. The device can be mounted on a wall, hidden in a drawer or cabinet, or even placed in your garage.

It is ultra-thin, making it easy to mount on a wall or just slide onto a counter top. The size and convenience of the Hidden Touchpad make it a perfect fit for nearly any part of your home.

The great thing about a console like this is that you have so many options about where to put it. It can be hidden near doors to your house so that you can hit the panic button if needed when you cannot reach the command station or telephone.

The Hidden Touchpad can help you in the event of an attempted home invasion, medical emergency, or in any other situation where one-touch arming or panic buttons might come in handy.

You can even place it in a bathroom for the elderly or disabled, providing them with a medical panic button in the event they were to fall in the shower. This is a great piece of equipment to add to your home security system, no matter who you are.



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